Best Chicago Skate Parks for Kids

Posted: June 21, 2016

Skateboarding has becoming increasingly popular for kids these days, and great skate parks have been popping up all over Chicago and the suburbs. Many park districts now have areas for kids to take their skateboards, scooters, and bikes. We've rounded up these great skate parks for kids to try.


Grant Park Skate Plaza
South end of Grant Park near Michigan & Roosevelt, Chicago
This recently opened skate park offeres nearly 2 acres of open space with wheel-friendly elements for not only skate boards but also scooters, rollerblades and BMX bikes. Elements include multi-skill level concrete ramps, planters and flatwork with decorative staining, metal coping, grinding rails and handrails.

Logan Boulevard Skate Park
2430 W. Logan Blvd., Chicago
This city park is located beneath the Kennedy Expressway at Logan Boulevard, and is shared by skateboarders and BMX bicyclists. It features a bowl corner with a spine, smaller quarters with hips, funbox with small flat and down rail, smaller spine and some hips. Around the outside of the park there are some flat rails, manny pad and a kicker to picnic table.

Wilson Skate Park
Wilson and Lake Shore Drive, Chicago
This is a small, lit, outdoor concrete skate park located near Montrose Beach. The park offers a smooth surface for kids to learn the sport, as well as ramps and grind boxes. It's a family friendly park, and you'll find lots of kids here on any given day.


Deerfield Skate Park
Deerfield and Waukegan Roads, Deerfield
This 11,000 sq ft facility is one of the first public poured concrete skate board and in-line skate facilities in Illinois. This park is geared to the more experienced athlete, with hours from dawn to dusk.

Techny Prairie Skate Park
1750 Techny Rd., Northbrook
This 22,000 sq ft skate park is open for skateboarders as well as in-line skaters of all ages, and it's lit at night. The park features ramps, bowls, grinding ledges and rails. For extreme beginners, a smooth asphalt path that runs along the outside of the park offers a nice surface to get comfortable.

Community Park West
1001 Zenith Drive, Glenview
This 15,000-square-foot facility has areas for both beginning and advanced level skaters featuring a variety of ramps, quarter pipes and a half pipe.

Swenson Park
901 Shermer Rd., Glenview
Swenson Park is ideal for beginners, and offers a small 7,000 sq. ft. area for little kids to navigate and practice tricks. Plus the park is designed with a skatelite surface, a durable paper-composite material—instead of concrete, which makes falls a little less painful.

Asylum Skate Park
29850 N Skokie Hwy, Lake Bluff
This indoor skate park features a 5,000 square foot open street park with stairs, ramps, rails, edges and a giant bowl, plus a kids section with a mini ramp. It's a great facility for beginners, offering summer camp for kids ages 7-12 to teach the basics, plus individual lessons. Plus free admission for girls!


Skate Park at Olympic Park
1675 E. Old Schaumburg Road, Schaumburg
The 13,000 square-foot skate park was designed to recreate elements of parking lots, street curbs and other skater-enticing areas. It includes staircases, benches, walls of various heights and a large concrete bowl.

Indian Boundary Skate Park
990 W. Boughton Rd., Bolingbrook
This innovative park has ramps placed on a 110' x 100' concrete pad. The east edge of the pad is a concrete curb wall with a steel edge for grinding, and the wall varies in height. Features include a 4 foot wedge with kicker in center, three-sided pyramid, 4 foot half pipe and 4 foot quarter pipe, and a large fun box with center rail. Beginners will enjoy having the ability to hone their skills in a small box with training platforms that's located in a separate practice area.


West Chicago Skate Park
129 W. National St., West Chicago
This skate park is operated by the West Chicago Park District, and is a 12,000-square-foot concrete park. It features a 3/4 capsule bowl, grinding elements, ramps, a quarter pipe, rails, stairs, and a pyramid.