Kids STEM Studio

South Loop and Lincoln Park
(312) 757-5000

Two Locations:
South Loop: Kids STEM Studio,1319 S State St, Suite A, Chicago
Lincoln Park: Menomonee Club - 1535 N Dayton St, Chicago

Do you want to ignite passion for your kids and instill confidence in Coding, Engineering and Technology when they are young? Kids STEM Studio offers specialized STEM programs in coding, game design and development, Lego Robotics and hands on Engineering for kids ages 6 to 13.

Our typical full day camp includes half a day of hands on Engineering project and half a day of weekly technology themes with play time and outdoor recess in a neighboring park. With our low student teacher ratio of 8:1, students get personalized attention.

Weekly Themes

Coding and Game Design
Tynker -Young learners learn to program their own games and apps using extensive media gallery and physics engine. For students going into 1st to 3rd grades.

Clickteam Fusion - This course guides students through the fundamental concepts of coding and game design to create and publish their own apps. Do you want them to make the next Angry Birds? No problem, they are just a few clicks away. For students going into 4th to 7th grades.

Lego Robotics
Students design, build, and program exciting robots using LEGO's advanced technology. Students also work in teams as they collaborate and brainstorm ideas to build robots using motors, tilt sensors, light sensors, gyro sensors, ultrasonic sensors, and touch sensors.

Minecraft Adventure Map Unlock your child's imagination in the world of Minecraft designed by them. Students design adventure maps, build Minecraft world using MC Edit, create 3D structures and use command blocks to customize the game element.

Electronics with Minecraft Redstone
Apply the principles of electrical Engineering by designing circuits to act in response to player activation and autonomously. Students create devices with simple to complex mechanisms such as light switches, traps, elevators, automatic farms to take Minecraft to a next level.

Minecraft Modding
Students learn programming focusing on building a mod with custom Minecraft recipes, functionality, tools and blocks using a block based programming interface. For students going into 1st to 3rd grades.

Java Forge - Students learn Java programming focusing on building a mod with custom recipes, functionality, tools and blocks. For students going into 4thto 7th grades.

Kerbal Space Program
Students build a space-worthy craft, capable of flying its crew out into space. This Physics-based Flight Simulation enables each student to custom build a spacecraft and navigate it to distant moons, asteroids, and planets.

Hands On Engineering
Do you have a student who loves to build their own inventions and is curious about how and why things work? Through hands-on activities, students will jump right into the engineering cycle of designing, crafting, testing, and improving their very own creations. Students design and build their own electrical gadgets, simple machines and mechanisms, bridges, rockets, boats and more, learning below engineering disciplines. They also get to take their creations home.

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Marine Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering


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