The Green Room

Two Locations
Chicago 60613
(312) 685-2774

1915 W. Chicago Ave, Chicago
3701 N Ravenswood Ave, Ste 201, Chicago

Kids and Teens On Camera Acting Classes

Our curriculum combines modified theatre games and simulated on-camera commercial auditions to free up the young actors creativity and comfortability while providing them with hands-on knowledge of the on-camera commercial audition process. They will leave class knowing what is expected of them on a commercial audition, and how to have fun while being successful. Subject matter and games are specific to each age group. Each session, we typically are visited by a guest industry professional such as a Casting Director, Talent Agent, or Director (schedule permitting). There is also an informational meeting with the parents to help them know what is expected from them, and how they can be a part of their child's on-camera interests.

What kind of kids & teens take classes at The Green Room? Our students range from child actors who are already out there in the acting business, to kids who have never taken an acting class in their lives; From extremely precocious to painfully shy. Some take our classes to help further their careers, some to help them out of their shells and gain some self-confidence in their everyday lives. We approach all of our students as if they are here to learn how to succeed in the on camera business in Chicago and beyond, and are here to guide our students and their parents through the maze of issues including talent agents, headshots, casting directors, bookings, etc. But you may want to join us for classes and have no interest in actually getting into the business of it all. That's fine too! There's nothing that helps build self-confidence like an ownership of the communication skills of one of the most ubiquitous modern art forms around!

All classes are limited in size- See particular class description for details. Not all classes are offered each term- see schedule for classes available currently.


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