Performing Arts Studio

630 W. Webster 1-E
Chicago 60614
(773) 857-0577

Session 1: Acrobatics & Improv (Ages: 6 to 9)
June 25th to June 29th – 9:00 am to 3:00pm

A fun and physically engaging class where students will learn Acrobatic and Improv skills.

The daily Camp is divided into two modules allowing students to experience a range of activities and games from different perspectives.
Though it may seem like a stretch, Acro and Improv are a perfect pair.
Both sessions teach students to be flexible, to use their bodies and surroundings imaginatively and to be unafraid to fall!

Acrobatics -Students will learn beginner to intermediate level skills like rolls, tripods and headstand balancing, splits, bridges and cartwheels. Focus is to get students to move freely, to be aware of their space and to ignite a passion for play.

Improv- Students will learn a variety of stage games made popular on some of the biggest venues around the city. Focus is to help students to feel comfortable on stage, better understand character creation, and help each student make choices quickly and with confidence.

Whether students are practicing a forward roll– or rolling on the ground laughing– this camp is bound to be a blast.

Join us this June!

Cost: $400

Session 2: Sports and Devised Musical Theatre (Ages 9 to 12)
July 9th to July 20th – 9:00 am to 3:oo pm

Do sports and theatre seem like an unlikely pair? We don’t think so!

This unique session will prepare students for the stage through sports and theatre games. At the end of the camp, kids will create and perform their own devised musical theatre production!

Before working with a devised theatre ensemble, students need to master skills like team building, physical coordination and communication.
Sports are a great way to teach those skills. With our studio location near Oz Park, we have the perfect training ground where students can play summer sports outside and take to the stage indoors.

The daily camp is divided into the following modules:

Sports: Held in Oz Park, this module will allow students to soak up the summer through a range of sports activities. Students will strengthen social skills, stay fit, and learn to actively collaborate with their peers.

Musical Theatre: The focus of this module is to build musical theatre techniques like song structure, story structure, and elements of character development. This portion of the camp will challenge students to work as a team to produce their original devised production.

Cost: $750


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