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10 Reasons to Learn a Second Language at a Young Age

  1. Early childhood is the best possible time to learn a second language.
  2. Learning a second language young improves reading abilities and general literacy in the first language.
  3. Being bilingual from an early age significantly alters the brain structure - scientists have discovered that bilingual adults have denser gray matter in the brain's left hemisphere, where most language and communication skills are controlled.
  4. Kids between the ages of 1-10 who learn a second language experience cognitive benefits and enhanced creativity.
  5. Young bilingual speakers are better multitaskers than their monolingual counterparts.
  6. Children who learn a second language can maintain focus despite outside stimuli better than children who know only one language.
  7. Kids learning a second language in an immersion setting show an overall success rate in grammatical knowledge.
  8. Children who study a second language become better listeners.
  9. Bilingual children score higher on standardized tests.
  10. Kids who speak a second language are more culturally aware and geared for the global economy.
The leader in children's foreign language education, Language Stars offers award-winning fun foreign language classes, camps and private instruction in Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, French, German, Italian and Arabic for children ages 1-12 years.

Fun Foreign Language Learning for Kids!
  • Full-immersion, play-based programs with games, songs, arts & crafts and more
  • Dynamic native speaking teachers and small class sizes
  • Parent & Tots classes for ages 1-12
  • Kids Only classes for ages 3-12
  • 12 locations around Chicagoland
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