The Paintbrush...a hands-on ART studio for kids

2646 N. Halsted
Chicago 60614
(773) 636-1968

ART camp at The Paintbrush has been voted "Most Fun Camp I Went to All Summer" by so many of our students! We immerse your kids in art all day with introductions to artists and discussions about artistic styles and ideas, and then we work on our own artist-inspired masterpieces using a variety of artistic media. Lots of painting, drawing, designing and overall creativity going on here! Kids love art and at The Paintbrush encourage your kids to bring out their artistic side. We help them discover their imaginations and skills; we open their minds to possibilities and help them develop their natural abilities. Teaching them to work step-by-step fosters their sense of self-esteem as they create art they can be proud of. “I made this!”

The Paintbrush offers unique camp day experiences on days that CPS is closed. Kids ages 4 through 11 can join in the creativity of a half day or full day of art projects based on our class model of introducing artists and creating our own masterpieces based on the artist’ works. The laid-back camp atmosphere often allows for a second or third project, and/or our beloved free art play options such as painting the table, creating a group project, face painting and more. Each day we learn something entirely new, so sign up for a day or a week - it’s all fun!

Whether you just want to try out a half day of camp this summer, or you want to experience four full weeks of full day art camp, The Paintbrush works with your schedule to meet your needs. With morning, camp from 9:00 to 12:30, afternoon camp from 12:00 to 3:00 and all day camp from 9:00 to 3:00 families often mix and match their days to find just the right combination to fit their hectic lives. And many kids who are signed up for just morning or just a day or two be to come for the rest of the week or to stay all day. Before- and After-Care options are available.

For those kids who really want to go outside on warm days, our ART in the Park program takes art camp to a new level, meeting in various spots around Lincoln Park to discover, observe, draw and paint the wonders of nature and architecture right in our neighborhood. ART in the Park is for kids five and up and space is limited to help us really keep focus.

There’s nothing like immersing our kids in art and giving them knowledge and tools to stimulate creativity to get them jump-started on their life-long love of art in their world. Discover The Paintbrush this summer... and let your discover their own artistic talents.


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