Wishcraft Workshop Camps for Creative Kids

3907 N. Damen Ave.
(773) 348-WISH

Grow with Wishcraft Workshop.

STEMs need flowers.
Campers learn about their world and creative voice with open-ended learning experiences in the arts that include subjects like science, social studies and math. All campers earn Chicago City of Learning STEAM-focused digital badges representing their effort and accomplishment.

Small on purpose.
Quality over quantity. Process over product. Campers get to know one another and our entire team: we get to know your camper, their needs and interests. We make ample space for leadership and self-advocacy skills to bloom while investing in purposeful relationships with each child, creating a comfortable learning environment for the most gregarious or shy camper.

Do camp awesome.
We take full advantage of our big, beautiful space, technology, quality materials and proximity to outdoor spaces and local businesses to stretch our minds and bodies. We delve deep into the weekly topics to inspire ideas and sharpen skills, then end each week with shows, recordings and photo shoots.

Summer Camp (Ages 5-9 and 9-12) weekly June 20-September 2, 2016 9am-3pm
Summer Crafternoons (Ages 5-9) M-F 330*-6pm
Pincushion Social Club (Ages 9-12) M-F 330*-6pm
(*program open to non-campers; afternoon snack and programming begins at 3pm for campers)

It's An Idea Playground - Camps for Ages 5-9
We play with important ideas and learn art and craft technique with open-ended projects of our own design. No stickers or pre-fab here.

Mixie Dust - Magically mix art and chemistry.
Greenie Pants- Get wild about your inner-naturalist. Littlelandia - Imagine and make a universe of you.
Hopscotch Hullabaloo - Round up fun for the urban outdoors.
Fly, Bobbin, Fly - Travel the globe one stitch at a time.
The Doppler Gang - Get down with the world of sound.
Block Party - Engineer a week of architectural wonder.
Creative Momentum - Get going with the artistic side of science.

It's Spoolhouse Rockā„¢- Camps for Ages 9-12
We've taken the best of what kids loved about our most popular fashion camp and mixed it with modern ideas. Fashion is a business and style is a choice: we focus on the latter because we believe it goes much further in supporting the development of self-esteem. Campers learn about design, patterning and machine-sewing, guided by their interests. Camps include a machine-sewing project(s) of their own design be it a hoodie, a guitar strap, a messenger bag or a complete outfit. They decide. It's confidence-building bootcamp for blossoming artists and thinkers of all genders.

The Rocker - Voice your confidence.
The Blogger - Design and document your life.
The Maker - Discover your DIY attitude.
The Traveler - Chart your global citizenship.
The Independent - Speak up for your style.

Camps are offered when school is closed and all summer long. The Workshop is a Chicago-licensed Children's Activities Facility and is planet-, health- and allergy-conscious. We grow artists, thinkers, citizens and innovators. See for yourself on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest!


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