Ballet at the Atrium

300 West Hill Street
Chicago 60610
(312) 266-2020

Ballet at the Atrium: Ballet Classes for Children Ages 3-18

Ballet at The Atrium introduces children to the joys of dance while helping them develop a lifelong appreciation of music and creative expression. Our program promotes self-esteem, grace, and good physical and emotional health.

Open to all children in the community ages 3 - 18, our age-appropriate instruction levels and small class sizes ensure that children experience a positive, supportive, introduction to classic ballet.

Our Instruction Levels

Pre-Ballet: Ages 3-4 This relaxed class environment introduces young children to the joy of music and dance while encouraging creativity and physical exercise. Through gently structured instruction, children stretch, dance, and work on basic skills.

Beginning Ballet: Ages 4-5 Children are instructed in the basic ballet positions and arm movements and introduced to the dance barre and floor work such as skipping and dancing with a partner.

Ballet I: Ages 6-8 Children develop a love of classic ballet as they are introduced to the five basic positions of feet and arms. Students stretch, do barre work, learn dance positions in the center of the floor, and practice moving across the floor.

Ballet II: Ages 9-12 This structured ballet class concentrates on developing barre work skills, center floor work, and a combination of dance steps of ballet movement.

Ballet III: Ages 12 and older This class is for students with 3 to 4 years of classic ballet training and builds upon the skills taught in Ballet II.

Classes are conveniently offered throughout the week. Contact us for more information.


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