Fall's Best STEM Classes for Kids

Posted: August 27, 2019

This Fall's Class Guide is full of amazing classes for kids, with many focusing on popular STEM topics. Check out our Science + Technology Classes page, and see some of our top picks below!

Featured STEM Classes:

Explore a world full of endless possibilities, fun, and creativity at Codeverse - Chicago's best interactive coding studio for kids ages 6-13!
Codeverse is an award-winning, state-of-the-art studio where kids learn how to code, build apps and games, and interact with top-notch technology including, professional-grade sound and light equipment, 3D printers, a 20-ft high definition TV wall, strobe lights and robotic arms. Whether your child is new to coding or has been grabbing for the family iPad since they could toddle, the Codeverse curriculum is designed to be engaging and easy to digest for children of all experience. Codeverse is offering $100 OFF their Codeverse Crew Membership (offer ends 9/15/19). Membership includes: 75-minute weekly after-school, evening, or weekend classes; 1 complimentary 'Kids Night Out' per month; Early bird specials on Summer Camps and Day-Off Camps. To sign up, visit Codeverse at www.codeverse.com/membership/

Kids Science Labs - Hands On STEM Classes
Multiple Locations, Chicago and Suburbs
Kids Science Labs offers engaging hands-on science classes based on questions that kids ask everyday with themes ranging from Little Doctors to Outer Space. Weekly STEM classes are offered for kids ages 2-12 yrs old from Tuesday-Saturday. In the 75 minute classes students are able to use their natural creativity, while full time teachers engage them in problem solving, creative design, and critical thinking to deepen their understanding of core science principles while having fun. Try the award winning classes your kids will love, classes begin Sep 10th. Register today.
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Early Childhood Science Classes at The Laboratory
Our fun, hands-on classes let kids bring their favorite books to life using science!
From exploring chemical reactions in Dragons Love Tacos to experiencing what it's like to touch a cloud from Cloudette to recreating "quicksand" to problem-solve for One Duck Stuck, kids use pipettes, measuring beakers, play, scientific thinking, imagination, and creativity to have fun while building identities as capable scientists and mathematicians during early childhood.
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Hands-on STEM classes at Noggin Builders
At Noggin Builders, children build creative problem solving skills through fun, hands-on classes in STEM. Preschoolers engage in early math, science and literacy skills as they stretch their imaginations and practice working together. Children in grades K-2 explore a variety of topics in STEM Explorers, and children in grades 3-8, can design and build in Inventors Club or explore Robotics and Coding. Through Noggin Builders' open-ended design projects, your child will explore STEM by building, experimenting, and collaborating.
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Kids Stem Studio
Kids Stem Studio's weekly classes for ages 4 to 14 offer a thoughtful environment that takes the current academics of each individual to the next level. Our fast-paced, rigorous STEM classes and technical assistance enable us to fast track the engineering and technology proficiency for kids, including igniting their enthusiasm and creativity as well as high-order thinking skills. Our classes are customized to meet kids’ curiosity in STEM, to encourage lifelong preparation and learning for the future. Kids will uncover the dynamic, engaging subjects of Engineering and Technology through projects featuring Lego robotics, experimental design, engineering, computer programming, Minecraft modding and more.
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