1/18/2018 to 6/17/2018

Birds of Paradise

Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum
2430 N. Cannon Drive
Chicago 60614
(773) 755-5100

Journey to the remote rainforests of New Guinea, land of the exotic birds-of-paradise in our new exhibit Birds of Paradise: Amazing Avian Evolution.

An elegant example of extreme evolution, birds-of-paradise show off their feathery flair during elaborate mating rituals. Visitors will behold the birds’ cinematic courtship dances, puffed-out plumage, wild calls, and wacky behaviors through games, hands-on activities, photo and video, and interactive displays on research and conservation!

Time: Monday - Friday: 9am to 5pm, Saturday - Sunday: 10am to 5pm

Cost: Included with admission

Ages: All ages


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