Sprouts Academy Preschool

350 W. Ontario St.
Chicago 60654
(312) 944-6363

Welcome to Sprouts Academy Preschool. Through our highly-educated and passionate teachers, emergent curriculum, anti-bias education, and natural living philosophies, we strive to help children grow into healthy, environmentally conscious, independent thinkers.

At Sprouts Academy, we have a very unique approach to education. It is here that children ages 2 to 6 years old learn how to engage in a healthy and responsible lifestyle through daily exposure to learning projects, natural living green alternatives, harvesting school-grown food for healthy cooking and eating, as well as by taking a socially responsible stance in their environment, both within the school and in community around them. One of our many goals is to embrace each individual’s innate need for a happy, healthy childhood in order to further their positive development well into adolescence, and even throughout adulthood. The children of Sprouts Academy thrive in this playful yet educational context.

Our curriculum is based on multiple theories of child development and is implemented with the help of caring and highly experienced educators who facilitate natural living learning projects through diet, environment, and social responsibility. Our extensive approach to nurturing optimistic and confident young children has been termed “the wave of the future” in early childhood learning by the universities and colleges that are collaborating with us to make this approach a reality.

Call us to schedule a visit to meet our team and learn more about our unique approach to learning!


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