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9 locations - Western, Northern Suburbs
(630) 819 8926

TinkRworks STEAM Summer Camps

Is your child ready for a summer they will never forget? TinkRworks makes dreams a reality with their summer camps focused on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics). At TinkRworks, students will be able to:

  • Build and fly their own drones
  • Assemble and launch rockets
  • Design a robot from scratch and program it to complete challenges
  • Make and program electronic art with LEDs, speakers, and motors
  • Film their own videos using green screen videography
  • Code their own apps
  • Experience the wizarding world by creating magic potions
  • Solve a mystery CSI style!
  • ...and so much more!!
The list goes on for what students can accomplish, and the best part is, everything the students make they get to take home to show family and friends!

What is TinkRworks?

TinkRworks is an innovative provider of exceptional STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) experiences for children that prepare them to achieve success in a 21st century world. Students work in a creative making environment where they complete hands-on projects that reinforce what they are learning in school. Students create solutions through experimentation, failure, and iteration while using both 21st century skills (e.g., coding, 3D-printing, electronics) and traditional skills (e.g., woodworking, painting).

TinkRworks offers camps for students in grades K-12 in 9 different locations across the Western and Northern Chicagoland suburbs.

What sets TinkRworks apart?

  • Integrating Multiple Disciplines:
    Our camps are designed around 6 core disciplines: Computer Science, Digital Making, Communications & Digital Media, Art & Design, Electronics and Traditional Making. Students in our camps-rather than focusing on just a single one of these areas-incorporate all of these together in creating beautiful solutions. Just like the real world!

  • Content and experiences designed and delivered by highly-qualified and degreed professionals:
    Our summer camp experiences and hands-on projects are all designed and taught by instructors who have degrees in engineering, computer science, physical sciences, and education. Our teaching staff comprise people with PhDs, industry veterans, highly-tenured educators and child-development specialists.

  • Excellent instructor-to-student ratios:
    Our class sizes are intentionally small to ensure each child has the best possible experience and each child can progress at their own pace.

  • Your child gets to take home what they create!

  • Our summer camps start June 3rd! Check out our website www.TinkRworks.com to register for a camp near you or give us a call at 630-819-8926 for more information.

    Choice of locations

    Chicagoland Northern Suburbs:
    • Glencoe Park District
    • Glenview Park District
    • Park Ridge Park District
    Chicagoland Western Suburbs:
    • Hinsdale TinkRworks Center
    • Avery Coonley School, Downers Grove
    • Kindi Academy School, Darien
    • Bolingbrook Park District
    • Elmhurst College
    • Elmhurst Park District
    Types of Camps

    • One Week, full-day camps
    • One Week, half-day camps
    • Two-week, full-day camps


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