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EXPLORE! BUILD! CREATE! Noggin Builders weekly classes for ages 2-14 years are filled with fun, hands-on STEM activities!

Noggin Builders projects use STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) activities as a natural way to explore. The scientific method and engineering design process encourage patterns like asking questions, brainstorming, planning, building, testing and improving.

Exploring with these skills will help your child grow as a creative problem solver! At Noggin Builders, your child will build more than a science project - he or she builds the life-long skills of creative problem solving, perseverance, communication and collaboration.

Preschool Classes

2's & 3's: Jump start skills in STEM and literacy with fun, hands-on activities designed specifically for young learners. Build early creative problem solving and critical thinking skills though science, crafts and games with engaging themes like magnets, water, animals, color, and more.

Mind Movers (4's): Making slime, investigate animal habitats, discover outer space, or experiment with surface tension. These are just some of the captivating themes we'll explore in Mind Movers. In this introduction to STEM and literacy, your child will build creative problem solving and critical thinking skills through fun, hands-on activities like science, crafts, and games.

If You Give a Kid a Cookbook (4's): Stretch your skills and your tastebuds with sweet and savory recipes, plus fun, hands-on math and art. This unique class combines cooking, math, and art, with a different theme each week. Combine with Mind Movers for a two day option.

Grades K-3

STEM Explorers: Investigate electricity, build your own vehicle, experiment with chemical reactions, create an earthquake or explore outer space. These are just some of the challenges we will dig into in STEM Explorers. Explore hands-on, real-world projects in STEM while stretching your creative problem solving with fun activities.

STEM Triple Play: Fill your year with STEM! In STEM Triple play, we explore a different theme for each part of the year. Themes for Grades 1-2 include: LEGO Science, Math Playground, and Force & Motion; themes for Grades 2-3 include: Physics Phun, Cool Chemistry, and Intro to Robotics.

Grades 4-7

Gadget Design: Do you love to design and build? This class is for you! Filled with open-ended design projects and scientific experiments, this class will design and build using many different areas of STEM. Create a motorized ferris wheel, plan an escape room, or film a stop motion movie filled with gadgets.

Robotics: Build, drive and code robots using the VEX IQ Robotics system! Explore the fundamentals of robotics with "unplugged" games and activities designed to build foundational skills in engineering. Noggin Builders robotics program includes both hardware design and programming. Competition is optional.

Try Noggin Builders with a FREE TRIAL CLASS! Noggin Builders also has great summer camps, day-off workshops and parties! Check out information on all our programs at www/


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