The Menomonee Club Camp at the Drucker Center

1535 N. Dayton St.
(312) 664-4631

The Menomonee Club offers a wide variety of week-long summer camps taking place June through August, 2018. Our camps will include Art Explorers, Chess, Emerald City Theater, Fencing, Judo, LEGO, and RetroActive Sports. All camps held at The Drucker Center (1535 N. Dayton St.) except for Art Explorers and Chess camp, which will be held at The Clubhouse location in Old Town, at 244 W. Willow St.

Our many programs at Menomonee, offered in our week-long camps, are run by different groups and individuals who are a consistent part of Menomonee's year-round after school programs. Below is a glimpse into our summer camps (for a more in-depth description, please visit our website.)

  • Art Explorers (ages 4-12) is run by Seventh Green Circle. Campers will explore many various art materials and formats including painting, drawing, sculpting and designing.

  • Chess (ages 6-12) is led by Chess Wizards, who have been teaching kids new and successful approaches to the game since 2002. Beginners and advanced players welcome!

  • Emerald City Theatre (ages 3.5-15) Step into a world of creative play and fantastical journeys as campers use their imaginations to discover new characters, sing their favorite tunes, and learn some new dance moves.To register for these critically acclaimed camps held at The Menomonee Club, go to:

  • Our Fencing program (ages 6 & up) is run by Windy City Fencing, the largest youth fencing program in Chicagoland. Beginners and advanced fencers welcome!

  • Judo Camps (ages 4 & up) are run by Sensei Brett Wolf, the 2013 United States Olympic Committee Paralympic Judo Coach of the Year. He has been at The Menomonee Club since 1993. To register, register directly with Judo team, (check the link on our website).

  • Knuckleball Comedy Camp (ages 8-12), brings kids together to learn the basics of improvisation, sketch comedy, story-telling, and most importantly, to just have fun! Performances take place at the end of each camp week. Aftercare is available from 3-5pm. To register, visit Knuckleball Comedy's website:

  • LEGO Camps (ages 5-12), run by PlayWell Teknologies uses LEGOs to build and program robots, build adventures, games, and more!

  • RetroActive Sports Camp (ages 7-12) led by JB Schuck, reintroduces classic playground games such as dodgeball, monkey-ball and more. Campers come back year after year for more!

  • Kids STEM Studio camps (ages 4-13) combine fun and learning with an unforgettable experience. Kids get to work on cool projects, hands-on activities, engage in fun and developing real-world products and digital creation. Register with STEM Studio at:

Please visit our website for more information or to register for programs at a

Give us a call with any questions! 312-664-4631 x 100.


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