Kids Stem Studio Winter Break Camp

1319 S State St. Suite A
(312) 757-5000

We offer integrated STEM camps during Spring Break, Winter Break, Summer Break and various days of non-attendance (Day-Off) through out the school year, where we combine outdoor exploration at the local parks, lab work, computing, engineering and robotics around a variety of themes.

Dec 26-29: South Loop – Minecraft Survival Camp and Hands on Engineering. 8:30am-5:30pm. <-6th Grade.

Jan 2-5: South Loop – Robot Coding and Hands on Engineering

Jan 2-5: Minecraft Survival Camp and Hands on Engineering at Lincoln Park.


Minecraft Survival – Campers learn the mechanics of conquering the survival world by crafting, farming, taming animals and basic redstone engineering. In redstone, campers work with the electricity substance of Minecraft to power circuits with switches and power plates to build automated door and traps Robot Coding – Campers unleash their imagination to program the robot with graphical drag and drop blocks, learning to control the LEDs, motors and sensors, thereby preparing for future technology.

Hands on Engineering – Learn about buoyancy, build air and mechanical powered machines, and develop exciting electrical gadgets with simple circuits. Campers get to take home their creations.

1) Register by Nov 30 and save 10% on full day fee. Use code “November” at checkout
2) Register by Dec 10 and save 5% on full day fee. Use code “December” at checkout

At South Loop Location: Full day (8:30 to 4 pm) - $ 75/day. Extended day (4 to 5:30 pm)- $ 10/day.

At Menomonee Club: Full day (8:30 to 4 pm) - $ 75/day.


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